Complex ethical issues can be a contributor to nurse burnout, says ...

This past week we lost 3 gallant soldiers in the healthcare force in the line of duty. Nurses Layford Mburia and Moses Ringera and Dr. Adisa Lugaliki. They have paid the greatest price in the fight against COVID-19 in Kenya. Their determination to put their lives on the line to protect others will forever remain in our hearts. We who remain here are encouraged by their sacrifice to service and to mankind. As we go on our daily duties, let us remember them and pray for their families, friends and relatives.

To the healthcare workers who are on the front line, our gratitude remains to you. We are encouraged that you are there fighting to protect our lives. Your sacrifices cannot be paid by us but the Almighty sees your every deed. We encourage you to continue keeping yourself safe with the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) because we need you. Always be aware of your mental health and seek help in good time.

To the government, support the healthcare workers fully. We demand for full and genuine support to the healthcare workers during this time. Avail enough and quality PPEs at the health facilities. Ensure the psychological support services are available at all times. Pay all pending arrears because we don’t want healthcare workers to go to work, and they are not sure how they will support their families. The health insurance for the healthcare workers should be availed. We want soldiers who are supported so that they remain committed to the greater course.

To the public, the COVID-19 pandemic is real. Don’t wait to hear a person you know suffering from it to believe it. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water, if not available use an alcohol based sanitizer. Keep social distance and if that’s not possible always have a mask on in public places. When necessary stay home, avoid needless travels. If you have any symptoms, seek medical advice.

To our healthcare soldiers we lost in Kenya and across the world, we say thank you for the service. You have taken the ultimate sacrifice. You will forever remain in our hearts and minds. We who are here, will continue with the work hoping for an end to the pandemic. We will do what we must, duty calls. To the rest, keep the government guidelines so that we don’t overburden the healthcare system. When it gets overburdened there will be no place to keep you? To the Governments, we know that you know what you must do but always need to be reminded. Provide support to the healthcare workers fully.

Until then, to our departed colleagues!


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